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Nov 27, 2020 by admin - 0 Comments Black Friday Sale is live! All #beatz are 66% off their regular prices. This is your chance to get @asaffulks and #ocrecording music production on the low at
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C-Nice new single SMALL TALK is now playing everywhere!

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Check, check, check out the homie C-Nice new single SMALL TALK now streaming errrywhere đŸ”„ Recorded, mixed and mastered by Asaf Fulks at and The OC Recording Company 🍊

Book Your Remote Recording Studio Session Today!

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Corona gotcha on lock down??? Book your remote studio session or enroll in our audio school today! Available worldwide

A studios strength is measured by the sum of its parts. We’ve added a new part — remote audio engineering, music production and educational services worldwide via Skype and Source Connect Pro! We’re here and you’re there, but we can create together anywhere! Let’s make this a productive time. Contact us today to book your remote recording, mixing, mastering, production session or to enroll in our audio school!
The OC Recording Company

is a record label, music publisher, recording studio and accredited audio school in Orange County, California. Founded in 2005 by recording artist, songwriter, music producer, audio engineer, graphic designer, website designer, videographer, inventor, author and educator

Asaf David Fulks


Original Asaf Fulks and Kira Shimoni Fulks music, poetry, performance and videography.
A studios strength is not measured in meters
buttons, knobs or sets of speakers
mics, lights or past achievements
reels, skills, its craft nor features
Not its keys to unlock doors
the rhodes it’s traveled, or global rapport
its tools, its hits or clients who’ve soared
its sound, its art, the heart it’s poured
But rather, by the sum of its parts
ASCAP | Sound Vine Publishing
Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art
Tags produced Asaf Fulks new single Moments Unaware!

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Asaf Fulks blends smooth vocals with vibrant beats in his latest Pop/R&B love song. Elegantly infused with original poetry by Yakira Shimoni Fulks. MOMENTS UNAWARE is a heart-warming, engaging listening experience and a dynamic visual journey. Happy Valentine’s Day!

Vocals | Music | Production | Performance | Audio Engineering : Asaf Fulks
Lyrics | Art | Videography: Asaf Fulks & Yakira Shimoni Fulks




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Through highs and lows with you I’ll always dare
When I look at you in moments of despair
when face to face we see the fear to dare
I’ll still give you my heart been holding it for you
you’re beyond the stars just wanna explore you
each time I depart I start to adore you more and more
cause you are who you are

When I look at you in these moments unaware
when soul to soul we ease ourselves to bare
your smile so lovely your life I wish to share
when I look at you in these moments unaware

When look at you in moments of displeasure
when ridicule and anger have no measure
When I look at you in moments of confession
when heart to heart we touch and also question each other
©Yakira Shimoni Fulks
June 12, 1998 | Graymoor, Olympia Fields, IL

Copyright 2020 The OC Recording Company, Inc. All Rights Reserved
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Doublin’ Down for 2020!

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We’re closing out the decade strong and entering our 15th year in business at The OC Recording Company! Major upgrades including Pro Tools Ultimate, Source Connect Pro, double the computing power and many other updates! We completed producing Whosoever South’s new album and engineering Black Fridai’s new project! The studio is stronger than it has ever been–ready for another decade of hit makin’! Looking forward to new beginnings in the 20’s. Wishing you all a Happy New Year and Dynamic New Decade!

Let’s get it, get it!


OC MIX BUSS – Asaf Fulks and Yakira shimoni Fulks new album produced exclusively by!

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OC MIX BUSS is here! Asaf David Fulks collaboration album with Yakira Shimoni Fulks is #np everywhere! A mixture of original poetry and spoken word fused with contemporary urban music. Featuring thought provoking lyrics, heartfelt vocals and eclectic instrumentation that blend into a unique listening experience–enjoy the ride on the OC MIX BUSS!

Check out the article on OC MIX BUSS!

Written, composed, performed, produced, engineered and designed by Asaf Fulks and Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art at The OC Recording Company! Featuring singles 13th Sphere, Whys, Regardless of It All, Wipe Away Our Shadows and more…

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Asaf Fulks & Yakira Shimoni Fulks new single WHYS was produced by!

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WHYS is a hard hitting hip hop, spoken word, classical music crossover. Asaf Fulks and Yakira Shimoni Fulks deliver a powerful blend of symphonic orchestration, heartfelt melodies, riveting rhythms and thought provoking lyrics.

Vocals, lyrics, music, production, performance, audio engineering, art, videography: Asaf Fulks & Yakira Shimoni Fulks


The shooting at Chabad in Poway resonated deep inside me. Only four years ago, I was tied-up at gunpoint by three armed thugs when they robbed my studio. After staring down the barrel of a gun, knife to my throat, wondering if it will be my last moment—I am grateful to still be alive. However, horrific attacks like these rob us of our innocence and sense of security. This past Sabbath service at Chabad, these feelings struck home again. Instead of the typical cheerful sounds of children playing hoops outside, we were all inside guarded by heavily armed security. It was eerie. Just a few days before, we remembered the Holocaust and suddenly this was not just a chapter in history—it was a reality. Right here, in beautiful sunny southern California, in the Land of the Free, Jews were forced to be locked down in their house of worship. And I wondered Why? The day after the robbery, I came back determined to rebuild my studio and not allow the incident to define my life—and I made it even better. This is the legacy of the Jewish people. Despite countless atrocities, we never gave up, and went on to rebuild our homeland into a beautiful thriving country. Still I wonder why—why are rockets falling? Why all the killings? Why are churches burning? Why are leaders not taking action? Why does the world not open its eyes? So many whys… There are no easy answers, but I still have faith that if we each take responsibility for our actions the pieces will fall into peace. “They shall turn their swords into plowshares, and their spears into pruning hooks: nation shall not lift up sword against nation, neither shall they know war any more.” (Isaiah 2:4).


——————————– — Professional music production by Asaf Fulks at OC Recording!

Oct 07, 2018 by admin - 0 Comments is the worlds premier source for professional music production. Our all original music catalog was produced, composed and engineered exclusively by industry leading music producer and audio engineer Asaf David Fulks at The OC Recording Company in Orange County, California. We’ve been working around the clock to get our full catalog of instrumentals available on our website and the time has arrived! All 168 of our world class instrumentals are now available for music licensing directly online! Our music library of beats, instrumentals and compositions includes a wide variety of genres including Hip Hop, Pop, R&B, Soul, Jazz, Indie, Electronic, EDM, Dubstep, Trap, Top 40, Urban, Contemporary, Orchestral, Middle Eastern melodic music. Each track has been meticulously produced, recorded, mixed and mastered in our state of the art studios by our team of world class producers. Our orchestrations are perfect for music artists, film scores, television, advertising and music beds. All beat purchases include untagged, .mp3 and .wav files. Download links will be sent after checkout. Let’s make a hit!

Contact us for exclusive licenses, custom music production and audio engineering services. Please visit for more information about us, our studio and audio school.

Copyright 2000-2018 | The OC Recording Company | | | | Asaf Fulks | All Rights Reserved

Asaf Fulks new single and music video CONSEQUENCES is now playing! Produced by

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Enough fluff. Love has limits. Act up n’ there’s CONSEQUENCES. Orange County, California based artist, producer and engineer Asaf Fulks blends a Top 40, Pop, R&B, Trap, Electronic, Dance and Hip Hop elements in this contemporary smash single!

Vocals: Asaf Fulks
Lyrics: Asaf Fulks & Yakira Shimoni Fulks
Music Production: Asaf Fulks & Ali Bundakji
Recording | Mixing | Mastering | Videography: Asaf Fulks
Videography: Asaf Fulks and Yakira Shimoni Fulks
Art: Yakira Shimoni Fulks

CONSEQUENCES [UPC]: 888295746496
CONSEQUENCES [ISRC]: uscgj1835653

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Orange County, California, USA
ASCAP | Sound Vine Publishing




Damn, it was all gone in an instant
As seeds grow leaves fall in the distance
been on a mission
times change but you stayed the same
stuck in your ways, resistance

Vision is blurred, mind tight shut
live n’ you learn, when times get toughgive n’ get burned had enough
we tried now I see that you‘re not the one

Cuz you just make up lies
stay wastin’ time
so face the signs that we breakin’ ties

Cuz baby there’s…

don’t play me there’s Consequences
a reaction for every action
you were actin’ now who’s laughin’

Cuz baby there’s Consequences
don’t play me there’s Consequences
you could lead someone to wisdom
but you can’t make ‘em listen

We’re done

Winds blow through the trees at night
desert air’s warm n’ the stars shine bright
I know that you woulda liked to be by my side
butcha not

So that‘s a different story
since we stopped
things have been different for me now I’m hot
and you actin’ different towards me
I know what this about

But you can‘t take back the way you acted
or say we’ll get past it
look there’s already damage

Don’t look back
at what we had
it’s gone
and it ain’t comin’ back
cuz what you did
was so wrong


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Consequences Crossin’ Trap Lords

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Face the CONSEQUENCES crossin’ #traplords @its_chaz, @wes_biggest, @ocrecording — be on the l👀out for @asaffulks #newsingle and #musicvideo droppin’ mañana 3/19/18 ☝

Featuring Yakira Shimoni Fulks Art | | Pre-order the single on CD Baby and stream at Spotify!

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Welcome to!

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Today, we’re excited to announce the debut of our freshly updated website! is the official licensing outlet of The OC Recording Company Music Production Catalog since 2005. Featuring innovative instrumentals, bangin’ beatz and contemporary classics executively produced and engineered by Asaf Fulks. This eclectic collection of all original, melodic masterpieces includes hip hop, rap, pop, r&b, soul, electronic, edm, dance, top 40, trap, urban, country, rock reggae, reggaeton, alternative and much more. Our beat library runs deep so enjoy diggin’ through the cratez. There’s something here for errryone! We’ll be posting new tracks often so check back errryday and remember–datz beatz wit a “z”!

Let’s make hitz!